Staying Brave

Vishal is only 12 years old and has a potentially fatal disease. Leukemia, easily detected and treatable in the Western world, is extremely dangerous and expensive to medicate in India. 

Vishal’s family heard about Mercy Hospital through their doctor when Vishal was found to have leukaemia during a routine checkup.  Now he receives free treatment and medicine at the hospital every month.

Leukemia has been hard for Vishal’s family, both emotionally and financially. He travels two hours with his month to the hospital every six weeks. Soon they will have to visit more frequently, as often as every other day, for chemotherapy. He awakes drowsy and feeling ill, and he has had to forgo his favorite activities of playing cricket, drawing, and having fun with his family. His condition is serious, but the family remains hopeful. They depend now on regular donations so that Vishal has the best chance at a full and healthy life.