Become an Intern

We are seeking passionate and talented individuals to spearhead new and exciting projects for Calcutta’s poor. If you laugh in the face of the ‘impossible’ and are ready to change lives, then consider joining our team as an Intern. 


Available Opportunities


Social Media Interns

You’ll help us grow our social outreach. Enjoy campaigns? We’ll hand you the reigns! Manage Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more.


Graphic Design Interns

You’ll work with our creative team to build our brand and tell our story to a worldwide audience of thousands. 


Storytelling Interns

You’ll dive into the lives of some of the greatest men, women, and children in India and collect their stories. May require travel to India.  


To apply, send your resume and cover letter to


Note: Internships may count towards college credit or required intern hours, upon approval by your learning institution.