For 60 years, Calcutta Mercy has remained a leading non-profit in Calcutta, India. While hundreds of charitable organizations have shut down for lack of funding, overbearing politics, or failing leadership, we have deepened our roots, expanded our projects, and helped more people.  

This doesn’t happen by accident. It takes a passionate team, faithful supporters, and continuous flow of partnership. It requires intelligent national leadership, a mission worth pursuing, and measurable results. 

Calcutta Mercy is going 60 years strong because we believe in what we do and refuse to stop doing it. 


81% of all donations go directly to the projects that feed, educate, and medically assist the poor. It is our goal to make this 100% as we increase private funding for operational costs.


Other Funding

Store Sales

Proceeds from the sales made through our Store go directly to feeding, educating, and medically assisting impoverished children in Calcutta. 

Planned Giving

Individuals organize and plan for the future through Planned Giving, bequeathing a portion of their estate to Calcutta Mercy. These generous gifts play a large part in extending our reach to the poor. To learn more about Planned Giving, contact us