We partner with local and international organizations that have a heart for the poor, transparent business practices, and a proven record of success in their area of expertise.

The following organizations help us in our mission to EDUCATE the poor in Calcutta:


Meet: Ruhi Prasad

As a young girl, Ruhi was always passionate about trying to make a difference in the lives of other children. As a nine-year-old, her ambition was to set up a home for underprivileged girls and help provide a better opportunity for them in life. Years later, she gave up a flourishing banking career to fulfil this dream when she came in contact with Calcutta Mercy. Ruhi partners with our Mercy Schools and rural clinics with the goal of providing nutrition, education, and healthcare to hundreds of children in and around Calcutta. 

Why we work with partners

Working with partners ensures each of our projects is implemented and managed in the best possible way. While Calcutta Mercy raises awareness and funds, our partners prepare foods for our feeding lines, establish clinics in rural villages, educate the world’s next leaders through our network of schools, and so much more.

We value our local partners for their knowledge of the field and for making the best use of time and resources while delivering quality final products. We value our international partners for their eagerness to lend their expertise and resources to grow our projects.

We take pride in the close relationships we have with our partners, as we share in one vision and mission for the poor of Calcutta.