We provide daily meals to thousands of hungry men, women and children across Calcutta. Every $1 invested yields 4 meals, with current production totals over 60,000 meals each week.

Our Impact

We believe solving hunger provides the foundation for progress in other areas of development, including education and medical care. Here's the impact we've made since our initial food project in 1965.

Current Projects

We fund projects in and around Calcutta, India. Food scarcity, poverty and partnerships help us determine where we work. We target rural and slum areas where there is a high concentration of struggling poor. 

Stories From the Field

The best way to understand hunger is from the mouths of those who feel it the strongest. The families we serve at our public feeding lines and in our schools share their inspiring stories. 

A City Without Hunger 

By 2025, we want to fully fund our 7 public food stations and 10 school lunch programs. We'll have to raise $60,000 in monthly giving commitments to do it, but that is how we are going to end hunger in Calcutta.