We partner with local and international organizations that have a heart for the poor, transparent business practices, and a proven record of success in their areas of expertise. 

The following organizations help us in our mission to FEED the poor in Calcutta:


Meet: Ivan Satyavrata

Ivan Satyavrata has played an active role in the Christian leadership training throughout India. Since May 2006, he has been serving as Senior Pastor of the Assembly of God [Mark Buntain Memorial] Church in Calcutta, which has a weekly attendance of close to 4000 people in 8 language sections, and a social outreach that provides education and basic nutrition for several thousand children. He partners with Calcutta Mercy to bring a meal to 10,000 people a day through public feeding lines and school lunch programs. Ivan also chairs the Board of Bombey Teen Challenge, a Christian NGO involved in the rehabilitation of drug addicts and commercial sex workers in the city of Mumbai, and serves as a board member of World Vision-India.

Why we work with partners

Working with partners ensures each of our projects is implemented and managed in the best possible way. While Calcutta Mercy raises awareness and funds, our partners prepare foods for our feeding lines, establish clinics in rural villages, educate the world’s next leaders through our network of schools, and so much more.

We value our local partners for their knowledge of the field and for making the best use of time and resources while delivering quality final products. We value our international partners for their eagerness to lend their expertise and resources to grow our projects.

We take pride in the close relationships we have with our partners, as we share in one vision and mission for the poor of Calcutta.