We provide medical care to 100,000 men, women, and children across Calcutta every year. We treat 40% of those patients at no cost to them.

Our Impact

We believe free medical care saves thousands of lives and raises living standards across Calcutta. Here is the impact we’ve made since our first medical project in 1970.

Current Projects

We fund medical care projects in 14 cities and villages of India. Poverty, quality of health care, and partnerships help us determine where we work. We target rural villages with a high prevalence of disease and limited access to treatment.

Stories From the Field

Deformities and disease are prevalent amongst India’s poor, especially in the lives of children. Find hope and healing in the stories of young patients who have received free treatment in our hospital and clinics.

No Village Left Behind

70% of India’s health care resources are located in cities, yet nearly 70% of the population lives in rural India. Our goal is to build 10 more clinics in rural India by 2025. That is one new clinic for every year. To do this we need to raise $26,000 per clinic, for a grand total of $260,000, but that is how we are going to save lives in Calcutta.