We want everyone in Calcutta to have access to quality and affordable medical care.

Free treatment for someone who cannot afford it is the difference between a life of suffering and poverty, and a life of beauty and opportunity.

Need 1

Treatment for Thalassemia and Leukaemia

It costs $35 a month to treat a child with Leukaemia or Thalassemia in India. It’s a small price tag for what it delivers: the stamina to stay in school, strength to help the family, and energy to run and play with friends.


Need 2

Cleft Lip & Palate Surgeries

Children born with cleft lips and palates in India are often mistreated or abandoned do to the ‘curse’ of their deformity. A mended smile would mean equal opportunity for the child and his family. A one-time donation of $500 pays for a cleft palate surgery, speech therapy, and orthodontics.

Need 3

Chaplain Salaries

Chaplains provide important one-on-one support to our patients, doctors, and nurses at our general hospital and clinics. It costs $22,500 a year to support the chaplaincy team.

Need 4

Medical Care for the Blind

The Calcutta Blind School provides a loving home and special care to visually impaired children. $60 a month sponsors a blind child’s free medical treatment.

Need 5

Red Light Rescue

We provide hands-on job training and employment to rescued sex workers from Calcutta’s red-light district. It costs $250 a month to employ three women.

Need 6

Adopt a Clinic

Our 12 rural clinics deliver free medical checkups, treatment, and health education to impoverished villages. It costs $2,000 a month to fund the operations of a clinic.

Need 7

Mother & Child Centre

Our Mother & Child Centre provides basic commodities, food, and a comfortable bed for mothers who travel long distances for their child’s treatment at Mercy Hospital. It costs $2000 a month to fund the Mother & Child Centre. 

Need 8

No Village Left Behind

By 2025, we want to build 10 more clinics in rural India. To do this we need to raise $26,000 per clinic, for a grand total of $260,000, but that is how we are going to save lives in Calcutta.