Love Never Lost

Asha laughs often during her training in the ward, partly because her coworkers are being silly but mostly because of the unspeakable joy that fills her life. 

What is amazing about Asha is the transformation her life has taken since she first entered the School of Nursing three years ago. Her first year, she lost her father to tuberculosis. Her father had a dream before he passed and that was to give Asha the gift of education so that she could become a nurse.

Three years later, the once shy girl has turned into a confident woman full of life and love. She is six months away from graduating and absolutely elated! She persevered through studies and a heavy workload following the death of her father, possible only because of the love and support of her classmates. They prayed daily with her, encouraged her, and gave her friendship she is certain will last a lifetime.

In all this, Asha has learned a beautiful life lesson. She comments, “I realize now that nursing isn't just about meeting the physical needs of my patients, but also being there as an emotional and spiritual support.” We are confident Asha will be a unique blessing to many people in need of compassionate care.