A Model Student

Reena’s life is intimately intertwined with the leadership at Calcutta Mercy. She grew up in the household of founders, Mark and Huldah Buntain, where her mother worked as a housekeeper. Reena fondly remember evening walks together with the family, and their nickname for her, “cheeni,” meaning “sugar” in Hindi.

Reena attended a primary and secondary school in the Calcutta Mercy education network, and can still recount the lunch breaks and tea times, as well as keynote speeches from teachers and pastors. Come graduation, Reena considered a career as a flight attendant, but Huldah Buntain asked her to consider instead a career in nursing. It was an intriguing idea and one that she ultimately pursued by enrolling in our School of Nursing.

Reena has fond memories from nursing school, participating in community health programs, growing in knowledge, and honing her skills through internships. She graduated with 25 of her classmates and accepted a position at Mercy Hospital, where she works a great deal in the operating room.

“The best part of my job is interacting with the patients,” Reena notes.  “I derive great satisfaction from helping others and seeing the health of my patients restored. I recognize that the moments I have with some of my patients could be their very last. In these moments, it is amazing to see the power of an act of kindness and how a smile can change everything.” 

On the difficult days, when work is busy and the need is great, Reena remains confident. “When I look at my life and the direction it has taken, I have no regrets.  I look forward to what the future brings.”