A Happy Pursuit


Patrick worked hard as a student at Calcutta Mercy’s very first primary and secondary school. His perseverance and enthusiasm earned him a place in one of Calcutta’s top colleges. While performing in an annual church production during his Freshman year, a missionary family approached him with an interesting challenge. “If you perform well in college, we will invite you to stay at our home in the United States for a few weeks.”

Patrick grabbed hold of the opportunity. He graduated with high grades and booked a plane ticket to the family’s home in Maryland, USA. He fell in love with America during his few weeks’ visit and vowed to do whatever it took to someday live there.

Two years later, Patrick again boarded a plane to America and this time, without a return ticket. He joined Huldah Buntain’s nephew in California where they worked together as traveling ministers. At an event in Vancouver, Canada, Patrick opened with a song that drew the attention of a gentleman in the audience. He waited for the event to finish then drew Patrick aside. “I want to help with your career. You decide what you would like to do, and I will pay for it,” he revealed. 

Patrick could hardly believe it. Generosity has followed him all his life, and he was overcome with thanksgiving. With the offer of funds, he applied to Vanguard University, where he graduated with high honors in 1986.

For the next several years, Patrick went from working jobs in strawberry fields and cleaning toilets to serving as Vice President of Informational Technology at Mattel, Inc – the world’s largest toy company, and more recently as Executive Director of Bio Processing Technology at AMGEN, Inc. He, his wife Cristina, and four beautiful children live in Mission Viejo, California.

At the end of the day, what is remarkable about Patrick’s story is how his childhood experience under the direction of Calcutta Mercy’s school and church proved formative for his entire life’s journey. Patrick’s passion is to give back to the less fortunate children of Calcutta in honor of the abundant care and provision that he experienced as a child.