On Hair and Diplomas

Did you know that the market for hair regrowth is a 7 billion dollar industry in America?

That's the daunting financial investment of U.S. citizens seeking to put a few luscious locks back on their head.
Male or female, young or old, we do not like such obvious, sudden, significant loss.  

The old adage really proves true:

                 "You don't know what you have until it's gone......." 

Ask any woman who has purchased a plethora of product in hopes of achieving that Julia Roberts-esque mane. Talk to any man who fondly remembers the days his bangs alone disqualified him from needing to apply sunscreen anywhere above the neck. It's quite an adjustment. 

We find some humor in the process our bodies go through. It's the cycle of life - and that's okay, but it is certainly fascinating to observe how human nature works:

when we have something, we don't always appreciate it. When it's gone, we understand its true worth to us individually.

Can you imagine if, one day, you woke up to the loss of something a little less aesthetic? 

Can you imagine your life without education?


While there are a few criticisms, comments, and complaints the general population could submit about academic circumstances in the States, education IS a national value, and the only reason we CAN criticize it is because it exists: we celebrate it, recognize it, and supply it.  As a nation, we are always evolving, changing, restructuring, and attempting to improve our public education processes.
Guidance Counselors.
Department Directors.

They are our every day heroes, supplying the super power of knowledge and investing in the future health of our nation.

what would our lives be without the impact of education?

What if, one day, you went to run your fingers through it - and all traces of educational influence on your life, community, and society had disappeared?

would you live in the same house?
would you survive that surgery?
would your children be healthy?
Would your self esteem thrive?
would your daughter ever work?
would you be qualified for that job?
could you speak?

could you articulate?
could you write?
could you live?

From childhood to legal adulthood, we are guaranteed the access to education in America; beyond that mandate, you could literally stay in school for the rest of your life. Education is our privileged right. 

India, on the other hand, is home to the most illiterate population in the world. 
237 million adults never learned to read and never learned to write

This creates children who are disqualified from advancing into successful careers, almost guaranteeing a future life of poverty and struggle.
This creates families who are handicapped from ever rising past marginal poverty lines, prematurely employing their babies to sweatshops and other methods of harsh labor.
This creates communities that find themselves malnourished in basic principles of knowledge in regards to everything from hygiene and health to finances and gender equality. 

You are ensuring this changes. 
We don't wake up without education, and because of you, neither will they.

Education is the gateway to better living today and a better future tomorrow. 
Calcutta Mercy representatives have reported that nearly a quarter of all sexual exploitation involves children. Likewise, we've discovered that the most effective way to remove a child from prostitution is to make him a student.

"We've discovered the most effective way to remove a child from prostitution is to make him a student...."

- Calcutta Mercy Reps


90% of exploited children find their way out of this vicious, vulnerable cycle by enrolling in schools - many of these schools, you have helped us provide.
We remove the children of Calcutta from would-be tragedies, would-be poverty, and would-be generational struggle by placing them in classrooms. 


This month, maybe as you wake your own children up for school, celebrate report cards with your grandchildren, or review the deadlines for your university's new semester, remember the mission of Calcutta Mercy and the part you play in raising awareness, providing sustainability, and increasing effectiveness as together we feed, educate, and medically assist a precious corner of the world.