A Miracle in Calcutta

February 2015 Newsletter

February 2015 Newsletter



January 12th, 2015, Founder of Calcutta Mercy, Huldah Buntain, entered the lobby doors of Calcutta Mercy Hospital eager to spend the day with patients. It’s hard to believe this 173-bed hospital has been around since 1977 and despite the years, Huldah can still name every person who works there.

One ICU patient named Ms. Silva was one of the earliest members of the church where Pastor Mark Buntain had preached until his passing. Every Sunday, she would run to Huldah and hand her an envelope with her tithe. It was her way of rejoicing in another week of God’s provision.  

Huldah’s excitement to see Ms. Silva quickly turned to sadness as she learned from a nurse that she had not been responsive for over a month. Huldah walked to her bedside and placed her hand on Ms. Silva’s head. With a gentle voice, she said, “It’s me, Huldah, Do you know who I am?”

Suddenly, Ms. Silva opened her eyes wide and started kicking from beneath the sheet. She recognized Huldah’s voice and kicked wildly as if to say, “I know you!”

Doctors and nurses gathered at the scene, completely shocked that Ms. Silva responded, and continued responding with her movement. “Let’s pray,” Huldah urged. Ms. Silva closed her eyes in agreement and received a prayer for healing.

Calcutta Mercy witnessed a miracle in the making that day. Amid the annual planning of the year’s goals to deliver compassionate care, the Lord illustrated that relationships are equally important. What a great reminder and a great start to 2015.