35 Million Minus Me

March 2014 Newsletter

March 2014 Newsletter

Dear Friends of Calcutta,

India today is home to 400 million children. This number is higher than that of the entire U.S.
population! Sadly, of these 400 million children, at least 35 million remain uneducated. “Building
a Better India by Building Better Boys and Girls” has been CMM’s mantra for children’s education
since its beginnings in 1954. Beginning with our first elementary school in 1964, we now have
over 100 primary and secondary schools providing education to 32,000 children. This is an
amazing testimony to the faithful partnership of our worldwide supporters. Thank you for
making a noticeable difference in children’s lives. Thank you for building a better India.

For the Children,

Randy Valimont
Calcutta Mercy Ministries