Meet our Representatives

Our representatives are the face of Calcutta Mercy to communities around the world. We are grateful for the ways they give their support through advocacy, fundraising, and balancing our accounts in their respective countries.  


Terry Allen

When Terry first became acquainted with Calcutta Mercy, he resolved to speak out on behalf of Calcutta’s poor. Having previously spent 28 years working with mission efforts in the local church and as a State Youth Director in Tennessee, Terry now travels extensively across the United States, raising awareness and support for another generation in Calcutta.

Michele Struss

Michele is a gifted artist who paints realistic portraits of underprivileged children through watercolor. She is well known and esteemed for her ability to evoke compassion for the needy through her artwork. The proceeds from the sales of her latest painting of an Indian child are donated to our medical care projects in Calcutta. 

Billy Thomas

Billy Thomas served as a pastor, evangelist, and short term missionary for over 25 years. He encountered Mark Buntain during his college years and has since led advocacy for Calcutta’s poor. Billy shares about Calcutta Mercy’s work in services, retreats and conferences, utilizing the creative means of music to invite others to change lives in India. 



Marie Petersen


Stephen White

Australia Office

David Storer

Australia Office

Andrew & Rachel David

UK Office

Ruhi Prasad

India Office

Daniel & Isolde Mueller

Germany Office